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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious as to what goes into gutter cleaning services? Do you have questions about gutter services near you? Following are ten frequently asked questions about gutter cleaning, maintenance, repair, and the answers to each.


#1). How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

That depends quite a bit on the weather patterns where you live and the landscape around your property. The more rain your area receives each year, the more frequently you should have your gutters cleaned. Also, the more large trees you have around your building or buildings, the more often you should have your gutters cleaned. Frequent rain and the presence of trees contribute significantly to gutter clogging and the need for regular maintenance.


#2). What type of guttering system should I have installed on my building?

That depends entirely on the type of structure you have. Different buildings, houses, and commercial installations require different types of guttering systems to protect the structure from harm. For a consultation on which guttering system to use on your property, please call 0478 149 114, or send an email to frontlineguttercleaning@gmail.com.


#3). When should damaged guttering components be replaced?

As soon as possible. Once a guttering component becomes damaged, it immediately ceases to perform the crucial function of directing water away from the structure. This poses an immediate risk to the structure, hence the importance of fixing damaged guttering systems immediately.


#4). Can a commercial guttering company perform service on residential properties too?

Absolutely! Frontline Guttering performs thorough gutter cleaning, maintenance, and repair services on both commercial and residential buildings.


#5). Will a guttering company perform other services too?

At Frontline Guttering, we include roof inspections within our gutter cleaning service. We provide a full report every time we perform a service, including informing the property owner if there is anything wrong with their roof.


#6). When do gutters and downpipes need to be replaced?

When heavy rains, storms, age, or simple deterioration prevent gutters and downspouts from functioning correctly, they will need to be replaced. Sometimes, guttering material can be repaired. But if the damage or deterioration of the components is beyond repair, replacement will be crucial to restoring the system to full function.


#7). What are the benefits of installing mesh guards?

Mesh guards help prevent leaves from collecting in gutters. While the gutters will still need to be cleaned, installing mesh guards significantly slows down the accumulation of leaves and other objects in the gutters. That means you will not need to have your gutters cleaned as often.


#8). What is the purpose of downpipes?

The purpose of downpipes is to send water off the roof and eaves, down to the ground, and away from the structure.


#9). How long does it take to clean gutters?

That depends on the scope of the project at hand. A single house's gutters can be cleaned in a few hours. Larger commercial buildings may take a day, and a complex of several buildings may take 1-3 days to clean/service.


#10). What should I look for in a guttering service?

Some of the features to look for in a gutter cleaning company are speed of service, transparency, honesty, pride in work, fairness in price, and willingness to adjust price and service to meet the customer's exact needs.


#11). Can I install and clean gutters myself?

It is possible, but this is not recommended. Gutter cleaning, maintenance, and repair/replacement are best done by experienced and licensed contractors who possess the skills and equipment to perform these tasks effectively. Not only can gutter professionals perform the work quickly and to perfection, but trying to do these tasks yourself poses a risk to your health, as gutter components are often very high up off the ground. Hire a professional to have the work done correctly and safely. Call 0478 149 114 or send an email to frontlineguttercleaning@gmail.com to get started.


More Questions?

If you have more questions or would like to get started in making your gutter problems a thing of the past, please call Frontline Guttering at 0478 149 114. You can also send us an email at frontlineguttercleaning@gmail.com, and one of our representatives will contact you directly.

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